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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Spurs Pistons hair cut
pinhole camera
Found fantastic new hair cutter at Bradz new talent: Jamon. We immediately learned about each other that he's a Piston's fan and I'm a Spurs fan. So we talked basketball the whole cut and Jamon gave me the best most texturized hair!!! I'm going back to him even when he moves to the real salon and costs more. He also knows Dan at End of an Ear where I'm going to have a show of my work. I gave him a little palm tree painting in addition to a tip. He's a DJ at new Barcelona and that's the folicle news du jour. to work!

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I'm getting a haircut today too! I hope I have as good as luck... (but i doubt it.)

You've got to BeLieve!!!!

Re: good hair vibes

Thanks for the reminder. ;)
It did turn out nicely!


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