honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

To mat to show

To mat and look at a new show of my little black and white nudes and maybe the color-full palm tree doodles. I want to start doodling around color theory going through the curriculum in palm tree doodles. The color pages in the sketchbook are fun. Meeting Chuck at Cippolina was fun too. Hours of talk about nothing. My early evenings have been full of late of talking with gay men of a certain age about nothing. Chuck gave me a virtual tour of Paris that was fabulous. Also a verbal tour of his apartment which was not so fabulous. Then I hit the pool and let all the thoughts of the day rest to get ready for the Spurs game last night.

Color Color Color. Bathe in color, delve into color, understand more about the myriad ways artists use the stuff, light, pigments, combinations, layers, daubs, blends, triangles of interrelated colors; so abstract and concrete and so everywhere.

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