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art dates
pinhole camera
I'm reading Julia Cameron's Walking in this world; The practical art of creativity. Cameron suggests writing morning pages -- reflections and free writing to clear the deck for the day's creativity to flourish. I've been doing that kind of writing since reading How to write your disssertation in 15 minutes a day and got into the habit. But now I write surreal subconscious flow and reflections on art processes instead of scholarly conumdrums. Recently I've changed the writing from typing fast as I can into my free writing word file to preparing pages of my sketchbook with blobs and curvy lines of colors. I let the watercolor flow and dry and then prepare another page. I write on the prepared pages. I call them color pages instead of morning pages. The color pages are much are more fun than the word file. Now I'm thinking of going over the mid sections of the texted over color pages in gesso and making another layer on each page's center for either a visual poetry distillation of the thought on the page or whatever comes next into that page's surface. I like surprises.

The other technique Cameron suggests is to take yourself on an artist's date once a week. For example, to a gallery, to a medidation place, any inspiration place, a junk store whatever might be a date for your creative self. Naturally I go to the pool and I go more than once a week. That's my art date. I also go to the art supply store where I meditate on various implements of creativity and come home with good paper and good ink and good brushes and art supplies turn into art pieces pile ups. Now I have mats to mat finished pieces, and venues to show, so I hope the art piles turn into flow real soon. I'm not stingy on art dates.

Where do you go on art dates?

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ooops I forgot my main weekly art date to the life drawing class. I took photos of last Monday yesterday: coming soon.

Oh, all over the place! this was one of cameron's suggestions that was NOT hard for me to adopt, at all (unlike the writing). One great place is Tesoros.

hi there,

I enjoy your writing and art so I hope you don't mind that I've added you as a friend to my friends-only live journal account. I don't have much art or writing in my newly created anchor_dragging lj account but hopefully that will change once I finish moving.

Reading about Julie Cameron's books in your journal reminded of Natalie Goldberg's excellent book Writing Down the Bones. Are you at all familiar with it? It was so good I had to steal it from my mom when I was kid. Here's a link to the first couple pages. http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0877733759/ref=sib_dp_pt/103-9159503-4822264#reader-page

Hum. I don't really. I've even stopped listening to music while at the computer. Perhaps I should work on that.

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