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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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vacation and new job
pinhole camera
Great vacation in West Texas - watercolors to follow.
My new job is exciting and mucho better pay. Today I started my flextime at the pool with my watercolors and this evening a business meeting over sushi. I'm happy are you?

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Did you see that post I made about a mail art show here in Miami? Please, send in something. I told the museum director to expect something sweet from TX. :-))

I am happy, also, but I'd better not give you details in a public forum :*>

Looking forward to the watercolors, and I'll e-mail you with "details".

I'm looking forward to your happy details...

summer always makes me happy

something about the light, no doubt. Guadalupe Mountains? or elsewhere in W. Texas? I had a great solo camping trip in West Texas sometime mid 90's.

Re: summer always makes me happy

We stayed two nights at a resort at Lajitas - they have a beer drinking goat for mayor, and two nights at the Holland Hotel loft 2 in Alpine. Very fine time, no camping. Big rain storms. Fine art in Marfa. We had 2 forth of julys. Lajitas celebrated with fireworks and a band on Saturday and we were in the pool during the fireworks that were set off from a bluff right next to the pool and the fireworks lit up right over our wet heads - way cool. More fireworks in Alpine on Monday after a great small town parade. Alpine has a real Bavarian beer hall restaurant opened by a Bavarian who imported a Bavarian chef. Great beer and very filling fine tasting cooked in butter food.

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