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... finished reading Edwards' New drawing on the right side of the brain and pondering ways Edwards' work gives students license to relax and at the same time focus while looking at a model or still life. Love that negative space... Comparing Right Brain and Bauhaus/Kandinsky is fun. Kandinsky gave students some amazing things to do in anaylitic drawing such as connecting dots in point distribution structures to serve as compositional elements and tensions in a drawing or painting. He assigned colors to forms: yellow-triangle, red-square, blue-circle. And one I'm going to have some fun with -- angles in relation to color hues:

The acute angle is characterized as the "tensest..thus also the warmest"...and therefore it is "highly active" and corresponds to yellow. The obtuse angle he regarded as passive and cold and matched with blue. Since it combines the vertical and horizontal, the right angle, according to Kandinsky, achieves an equilibrium in temperature and thus is associated with red. Moreover, Kandinsky provided diagrams of angles as they relate to the colors including the intermediary hues orange and violet. The acute angles are yellow (30 degrees), and orange (60 degrees), the right angle is red (90 degrees), and the obtuse angles are violet (120 degrees) and blue (150 degrees). (Poling, page 76)

There are some amazing Bauhaus student interpretations of these angle/color combinations illustrating the Poling book. Kandinsky's underlying rules gave students freedom to play even though the structure of the assignment seems rigid. There are infinite interpretations within the color/angle/shape rules. Also it's interesting to look for the rules inside Kandinsky's own paintings.

I can't find any images of the Bauhaus student projects on the web. I just ordered the out-of-print book: Kandinsky's Teaching at the Bauhaus by Clark V. Poling and am eager to do some of the Bauhaus student projects in color/angles and point distribution.

Has anyone you know experimented with the Bauhaus curriculum?

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