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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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weed shadow
pinhole camera
abstract ink drawing of weed shadows colored with red, yellow, and violet-blue
Summer weed shadow
cast in French India ink
freed from computer

My eyes have been stuck to my computer with the 2 classes and the instructional design. However, freedom - yesterday we went to the flying field where there is an old plastic table - perfect for ink drawing upon. I plucked some weeds and cast late afternoon shadows onto my watercolor paper and let them be the basis of 5 sheets of little fast and dribbly drawings. Today I applied Kandinsky's color/angle theory to this weed drawing. Just finished 5 minutes ago. Did you ever do shadow drawings?

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this weekend I will do shadow drawings! It's a holiday weekend here...

I hope you will post them! I'm going to post more of my Kandinsky in the weeds series:-) I love them!

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