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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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honoria in apalachia ciberspazio
pinhole camera
Mom is getting out of the hospital today.  The sun is shining on the mountains and birdsong is in the air.  

 I am very busy.  I am still working both my jobs and arranging for mom's
discharge care at home as well as arranging for her to move into a safer living space in a retirement community.  Lots of details.  I'm grading two online art classes and writing curriculum for an Industrial Hygiene course. The next door neighbors have a wireless hub that they graciously provided me the password for. All the wireless up this mountain seems to be passworded.  
I work from early morning to late at night but each day I have been treating
myself to a mini vacation at one of the local seafood restaurants.  I went to the "best sushi in asheville" place where they were playing a rodeo on the TV. I got the mixed sushi chef's choice and it was mighty fine!  I've also been to Joe's Crabshack because they have a nice outdoor seating.  After being in the hospital all day, sitting outside in the setting sun for a glass of vino and a clam chowder was so nice.  I wrote a series of haiku called poems about skydrama over Joe's crabshack in asheville NC, two posted yesterday.

Of course you can see the references to my recent stint as a color theory
teacher and an hommage to new orlean's blackened post hurricane conditions.

We got some clouds but the heavy hurricane rains missed Asheville and today is spectacular.

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Pitch black window pane
The translucent gecko waits
A moth folds its wings

the other great thing about Joe's crabshack is that they give you a 3-pack of crayons primary colors if you are a kid or if you ask them. So the poems are more colorful than this plain text version

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