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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Failed life drawings with oil pastels
pinhole camera
ink drawing with oil pastels Home again.
The Sennelier oil pastels are on sale at the art supply store.
I'm smudging my new Sennelier on top of failed life drawings applying the Bauhaus angle color correspondence. Looks like a boomerang attack.

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definitely e-bayable!

Don't knock it, Honoria! I quite like it.

Ebay it. Even chimpanzee art is selling these days.

How do you digitally photograph your images?


Re: definitely e-bayable!

Hi Patrick, Hope your semester is going well. I like the drawing too. I use "failed" drawings to build on. I don't post drawings that I don't think are good. This one uses a failed life drawing as a layer. I think a drawing that doesn't quite make it is better than a blank piece of paper. It can be turned upside down, used as a background, and oil pastelle upon like this one. So before I bathe in rogaine and change my name to KoKo I think I'll just post these little experiments on artwanted.com.

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