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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Mullins Ensemble of Performance Art
pinhole camera

The Mullins Ensemble of Performance Art (MEPA) created a vigorous immersive and tasty environment to honor New Orleans. The setting included a full immersion blue pit with chiminea symbolizing deep flooding and hot burning from hurricanes recent and past. Phil the piper created a disturbing picture of economic cycles while chewie the chewbacca raged as the return of nature to New Orleans, a powerful reminder of the power of mold. Voodoo queen and voodoo doll evoked a subversive tension in which glittery love potions confused the smoky air with a aura of rose blossoms. Gumbo, red beans and rice, peel-and-eat shrimp completed the layered and yummy contextualization of this uncompromising MEPA event set to New Orleans jazz. The potent performance brought together multigenerational nostalgia underscoring the grand narrative of the city as voodoo victim. The Spirits of New Orleans performance must be seen as a dramatic and important work in an ongoing commitment to performance art grounded in current events/history, a methodology to which The Mullins Ensemble of Performance Art is convicted [sic].

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No Mailartist.com pictures today - back tomorrow

For some reason mailartist.com is getting TONS of traffic from a site in Hong Kong. It seems they are linking to the Johnny Depp page.
Obviously I can't read anything about the web site (as it is in Chineese) - but they blew our bandwidth limit sky high.
It should reset again tomorrow ( new month) and everything should be peachy. Unless the Hong Kong site starts pounding us again. In which case we will block their IP address.

Re: No Mailartist.com pictures today - back tomorrow

the Hong Kong site is probably stealing your bandwidth. Has happened to me before, so I reuploaded the photo being stolen, but with gentle, yet firm, reminders to avoid stealing.

You could also use flickr, which is free, and has yahoo's servers as its backbone.

cute picture no?

what a fun fam!

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