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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Artist statement draft
pinhole camera
Any comments or corrections? Grazie...

Artist's statement - honoria

People ask why I draw naked people. Isn't it obvious? Naked people are always part of the drama of life. For example, art history is full of naked people in the midst of life and death, love and war, ascension into heaven and tumult into hell. In my drawings the model is a thoughtful sensuous storyteller who sometimes gestures dramatically to get her point across or agitates a flurry of flying ink and watercolor to make a particularly splashy statement.

I attend weekly life drawing classes in Austin. A nude model poses on a raised platform in front of a gathering of artists with pads and drawing tools. The model's poses start off fast -- one-minute poses are my favorite -- then the model holds progressively longer poses. I draw several drawings during each long pose because I strive to capture a fleeting immediacy rather than a worked-out realism.

I work in India ink, oil pastel, graphite, and watercolor on rag papers. I love the interactions of different art media as much as I love the interaction of artists from different disciplines.

I partner with dancers for models and poets for texts. Our talents combine: temporary books take on the form of installations and dance performances crystallize into drawings to illustrate the dramas of our lives.

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I think you should say you draw nude people and not naked people. Nudes preform, naked are exposed.

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