honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

CARtoon Day

watercolor and ink drawing of car trouble and to do lists
Yesterday I bought Danny Gregory's book which encourages sketch journaling and daily drawing. His drawings throughout the book have an illustrator quality. Danny has lots of good ideas for casual sketchers as well as some reflections for those who take drawing more seriously -- it's a self-help book to unlock creativity, and in case you've locked yours away, I recommend the book because it's fun.

Yesterday morning I bought the book and went to West Austin to get my glasses adjusted. On the way home my car started to overheat. I added oil which was low and thought I fixed the problem, but my car overheated again immediately. I drove and stopped for it to cool off and read Danny's book. I drove and stopped and read and started this drawing in my sketchbook until I made it to a gas station where a nice attendant put water in my radiator and it flowed right out again. A helpful attendent pushed my car out of the way and I called my mechanic who is Austin Mobile Auto Repair (5 stars) and he said he could bring a new radiator out in an hour. Amazing.

So I went to the coffee house across the street from the gas station, set up my mobile office, and started working on edits to my deliverable for one of my jobs. I have a two compartment briefcase. I put the computer and work stuff on one side and sketchbook and travel set of watercolors on the other. Also I travel with a bottle of water in a "leakproof" bottle which I hope doesn't ever pull the same trick as my radiator. The coffee house has a tea service with a tea pot and porcelain cups for 2.50. I worked, sipped tea like a dowager, drew the teapot and glanced at my Danny book until the mechanic showed up and replaced the radiator. So my day which could have been a bummer turned into this cartoon and cost exactly the amount of money that one of my jobs directly deposited into my account yesterday. The day went on to include the purchase of a new thermastat -- the parking lot of Auto Zone is another drawing that still needs some watercolor spilled onto it.

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