honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

3 jobs and a big book

grades done!
curriculum redesign in final phases!
bopping around investment bankers' offices seeking settings for mule train monies...no drawings. Flying, landing, reading Picasso sketchbooks. essays.

At first they seem to circulate through the crystal air like so many weightless facets, the lights struck off a revolving but invisible chandelier. Their glinting meanings--now this, now that--play in the register of the visible the way Mallarme's notorious homophonies play in the field of the audible: cygne or signe? naitre or n'etre? verre or vers? blanc (white) or blanc (blank)? And even Picasso's fascination with the turned fragment--one the back of the other's front--seems to lead in the direction of Mallarme's "fold," the sacred cleft of the book's binding, where one page closes over another in sensuous duplicity...The Picasso Papers - Rosalind Krauss -

Explaining the source of this energy, Picasso said as he neared 90, "Everyone is the age he had decided on, and I have decided to remain 30."

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