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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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page from my sketchbook
pinhole camera
I'm going to try to link to an image and see if I can post it. If it works the image will be a postcard play by David of a May Wilson trick of putting her image on a museum post card. I added the womenhat of the women mail artists from the Fake Ray Johnson Weekend last year. Drat it didn't work:-(

Hey Kiyotei thanks so much for the help. I know I have to find a server that will allow a link to images. It would be good if we could do it on a paid account here. The women are Anna Banana, Judith Hoffberg, Dragonfly Dream, Anina from Belgium, me, Jean Kusina, Patricia Trump, and others. There was a lively and substantial collection of fe-mail artists.

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It's not you. It's Geocities bad magic.

I also tried:

And it does not work. Typing it directly into the browser works - but I think it has something to do with their TOS agreement.

I have placed the image on my page for your use:


I suggest that you set up another free web service (there are tons).

Or I can get you your own 10 MB homepage with domain name for under $100.00.
Might be worth the investment. Larger site (50 MB) for $50.00 extra.

Just think . . . www.honoria.net, www.misspaisley.com, or whatever.
Let me know if you are interested. Take care.


Oh thank you! I will have to make the image appear! What fun. I do have several server locations with images on them. I'll have to do a trial and error to post images from more of them. I tried first from my school account that houses the research wing of EMMA. That link was the one I tried first at ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~honoria/images/womenhat2.jpg
I have an account at freeservers called honoria.iwarp.com also that miss_paisley on the yahoo/geocities locale. Working out the details for placing images takes time away from writing the dissertation so I can just spend little bits of time a day. I am glad to learn that the geocities account doesn't work through no fault of mine. I'll keep trialing and erroring until I get my mail art loading onto LiveJournal because I think the mail art images is an important part of the unique conversations there. Do you know if there image holding space on LiveJournal if you pay? Thanks again! honoria


I read (somewhere) that LiveJournal was going to offer image hosting in the future. They don't currently support it. I just got a paid account - so I could get a few more codes. Need to invite some more guyz here- I'm outnumbered (hey wait a minute what am i doing?)


P.S. I just got my Jeju Island - Peace Island documentation today in the mail.
I'm stunned. Truly beautiful. Your work is very nice - too bad they misspelled your name!

Take care my intellectual friend.

(studying myself)

Kiyotei, I see you caught yourself! The feminine influence here is one important thing that's so refreshing about livejournal's mail art community. Right now the community has a quality of safety and intimacy that the other mail art boards don't have. I think Dragonfly Dream and Jean Kusina would really like it here. It would be nice to retain an environment in which fe-mail artists have significant influence over the ambiance for a change.


Perhaps you are right. Are you planning to invite those 2?
I heartily agree and I would add Rae Trujillo to the batch.

You will have your invite code by now so you could invite one.

I can give you 2 more codes for the other 2.

Just let me know when/if you plan to invite them.

I reserve the right to add more testosterone as necessary!! :-)

I'm thinking David Alvey, R.F. Cote, Scientist Sam and Merlin (although he tends to ramble a bit at times).

Let me know what thou thinkest!

(dogstar gazer)

I think I have a good alternative to this.
50 Megs of space for 120.00 per year. This is a good deal and we could divide it by total number of artists requiring the space. If the images were optimized using this or another resource, then that file space would be large enough. Older files/images could be removed as needed.

So all we have to do is find 3 other people and our cost (to each) would be less than a paid account here.

I think I might even be able to coax a discount for my hosting service if I try.

Let me know if you are interested.

You can call me if you like:

Take care

My disk space on freeservers is working to hold image files while linking to them successfully from LiveJournal. I'm not sure how much free space I have there but it's working for now. I have a lot of image files coming up to scan for the dissertation show documentation.

About invitations--I haven't received any codes yet. I'll let you know when I do. If I get one code I'll invite Dragonfly.

grazie, honoria

Hmmmm . . .you should have your first code by now, go to:

And select "generate codes" from the page.

(creating kaos from playdough)

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