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mid-term review and birthday

My classes at mid-term doing self-reviews are thriving on making detailed anatomical studies:
Seeing what's under the skin helped me to better understand what makes all of these gentle curves on our bodies look the way they do, and it helped my shading studies incredibly...

In this course ... I gained an extensive knowledge of the structure of the human body. I now have full comprehension that if you do not know the structure of the body it would be impossible to understand its movements.

Today Knut and I went to Big Bertha's Bargain Basement and K bought 2 killer jackets that belonged to a dead detective in rural Texas. Knut sneaked around behind my back with Henry and bought THE MOST KILLER leather and knit jacket/sweater/Bond Girl Zippered cuff Garment that ever came off a sewing machine and delivered it to me at Sandy's high tea for my Birthday AND Henry said that if I brought in a jacket he would Demolicious it to perfection. Henry is making one-off clothes in the style of Project Runway but with Couture starter materials - AND his helper is putting Dremel blades to designer shoes to go with to create fabulous tortured high heels such as Dremelled Chanels. AND Henry wants to show some of my nudes in his store. YES!!! Happy the beginning of my birthday season which, as you know, lasts until Valentine's Day!

Big Bertha's Bargain Basement
If you want your fashion statement heard for miles.
1050 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704-2382
Within your first five seconds in Big Bertha's, you'll realize the place is more of a rumpus room than a retail shop. Owner Henry Tarin calls his South Lamar collection "extreme vintage" and "theatrical thrift."

And all you really need to know is that Johnny Depp and Lucas Starbuck shopped at Big Bertha's - those fedoras!

Get your nasturtium seeds and soil ready. 2006 is going to be delightful.

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