honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

In Love

Indigo ink from
Sennelier is even
better than the black!

Shopping for the perfect art supplies to draw the fabulous frog dancers I went for French papier and a bottle of Sennelier indigo ink. Oh! My!
I also got a fresh set of Sennelier iridescent oil pastels. I know the feathers will be iridescent and the ink will resist and the result may splash a few party-goers. I haven't figured out how to hold it all while drawing yet. I think I'm going to tape the water bucket to the ink bottle so they will be one unit to hold in my left hand while cradling the pad which is 3 paintings wide using my new size format 4.25 x 9 inches. Then I can draw with the brush in the right. So you ask where is the box of iridescent oil pastels? Maybe they are in a bag and I do the ink drawing then the oil smearing then the ink resist layer? I will have to do some prototypes using fashion models from W to pose for me.

In 1887, Gustave Sennelier, a devoted chemist, established himself as a purveyor of fine artists' paints. Having thoroughly researched the history and usage of pigments, he developed a distinctive process for manufacturing oil colours, formulating precise methods for mixing tones and for controlling their opacity and transparency. His work was meticulous and his eye for colour so accurate that artists soon began to regard the Sennelier palette as the ultimate standard of quality.

Then there is that Russian Yarka palette full of surprise colors.

Can you tell I accepted contracts to teach color theory next term?

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