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mystery of mail art

Geert de Decker staked out a cyberspace in which to carve a definitive yet morphing portrait of mail art past present and future. His virtual cave walls formed surfaces for artists to define their own concise records of events, people, and actions in the network.

That's a sentence from today's essay. I'm writing a little essay about each artist I interviewed. The essay approach took a long struggle to come up with but will work with the grounded theory methods I'm using. I had to read all about grounded theory in the academic sense to come to the realization that it was like playing sherlock holmes -- and I'm good at it, I knew all those murder mysteries were going to come in handy some day, even if I don't discover a body. But dissertating can be tedious, especially when you are spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to best talk about the data. But now I got this chapter figured out i just have to write about 20 or so little essays about my people the mail artists of the world.

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