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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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shifting computers
pinhole camera
There are some programs that are not on my new computer so I play musical computers sifting back and forth to achieve certain tasks such as posting photos of my work.
watercolor waterscape sunset with the word -transparency- in transparent watercolor in the lower right
Here's a mail art piece for:
International Mailart Project "TRASPARENTE/TRANSPARENT"
Free size. Free thecnic. No return.
All works must be send by post with postage stamps.
Deadline: May 31 2006.
Exhibition in Jun at Tolfa and Rome.
Documentation to all by e-mail or letter.
Send to : Eugenia Serafini
via dei campani, 38 - 00185 ROMA (Italy)

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how is your new computer? Have you adjusted to it yet? What can't you do on it? Like I said before, I offer free advise if you need it: I have 6 macs under my care at the moment, plus a few by proxy.

Thanks so much! I'm happily adjusted and had some great tech support from Knut. The ibook is fabulous and handles my 2 jobs with efficiency I'm not used to:-) I'm moving things and tasks slowly because I have so much work to do with those 2 jobs. I do need a used copy of Dreamweaver. My other computer has Dreamweaver 3 on it so any less old version would be fabulous. When I get Dreamweaver, I have to transfer all my websites to the new computer to update. I have www.mailartist.com and www.actlab.utexas.edu/emma files to move over and an html teaching document for an upcoming professional review.

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