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Who's Next?

I got a great Ray Johnson card from Greg Byrd that I want to scan today for the gallery in Yahoo. I'm sending him one of my ray derivatives right back. Good mail art is so much natural to me than essay writing. I hope Jean writes to tell me when she started in mail art. I'll also ask her if she distributes poetry through the network. I 'm honored to receive email from Clemente Padin who wants me to send him questions. I'll have to think about his questions though since I really don't want to wade through too much historic process until I get to the Internet part. but I want some continuity with the other data sets. Now it is thundering in the distance and it's about time to hit the showers and go to work. Then I have four days off in a row. I hope to get Jean Kusina's essay ready for the editor-tutor on Monday. Maybe work on another one too, but I'm not sure whose essay is next. I should just flip through the book now that I'm on a roll and see who looks like they want to be written about. Maybe latraviata.

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