honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

ArtPool and my dissertation

All of a sudden it is the right time to rewrite the Conclusion chapter of my dissertation. Although the rest of the dis has a pretty conversational style, the conclusion was too stuffy and academic. When I wrote the dull ending I was under pressure to finish, graduate, and start the life-long process of paying back student loans. I am planning to burn the complete dissertation on CD with the new ending and send it to Art Pool in Budapest. But I also have to design a cool cover. Some days you wake up with a new unexpected goal and today is one of them. I've given the dissertation to very few people, only fellow scholars with a need for the research. But now I have some relaxing distance between the Ph.D. process and my current art life. I want mail artists to read the research findings and the interviews and my interpretations of the mail art they generously sent in response to my call for art on the subject of the research question -- What are the effects of the Internet on the mail art network? Of course, I would like the highly illustrated document to be published as a book, but I am way too busy to revise the whole thing without a publisher in the wings and I'm too busy to write a book proposal -- so away we go to Hungary where the mail art network goes for such information as contained in my big fat dissertation:-)

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