honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Color theory class over

Grades posted! Now I'm only working one job - whew.
The outgoing color theory class was the liveliest and most flexible class I've taught yet. I'm getting used to the new online platform. In the last faculty meeting conference call I picked up a hint to post an announcement every day to keep energizing group dynamics. In the old platform the organization of the topics all on one discussion page kept the group together. But the new platform splits discussions around 4 or 5 assignments per week making it more difficult to get a conversational flow going. The daily announcement strategy worked well. I used the announcement feature to introduced art historical examples for the different topics we studied each week. The curriculum focuses on how-tos and interaction of color assignments rather than the study of color masters such as (fill in your favorite colorist here) until week 5 when the students do a research paper on a specific artwork from a selected list of artists. I used the announcement featuring various artists' works to prime the pump for the week 5 assignment. I have to admit, the papers in this class were far superior to previous class research papers. I hope my next class is as motivated and articulate as this one was.

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