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gesture videos in development

There is a need for dynamic drawing videos on the web. When I taught life drawing, I searched the web for videos showing artists creating gesture drawings. My online students don't understand the pace and flow of a 30-second drawing unless they can actually see the makings of a gesture. I found two tiny clips that have been helpful but I would like to find more gesture drawing videos. I found a funny parody of a life drawing class that would amuse students in a real class. My online students would not understand the humor because they don't experience the interrelationship of a class of art students with a model. Below is a list of life drawing related videos I found. Please add to the list if you find other life drawing videos.

The best videos for life drawing on the planet are from the Art Student's League in NY of Robert Beverly Hale teaching Renaissance techniques. What a master teacher. What great demonstrations of techniques. But those videos seem to be unavailable except for one offering I found for $700.00. The video set is for purchase by institutions. It would be great if the Hale videos were available to students.

To fill the gap I am making some hand-held videos of myself drawing gestures using the video feature of my still camera. So far I've made 6 little 20-30 second videos. My videos are not ready for prime time yet or to load onto youtube.com but I'm working on it. The videos I've made so far are portrait format because it's easier to hold the camera that way and draw. The camera pans across a hand-written page that says "gestures - honoria - 2006," then to a page of gestures from our textbook, then to a page of a fashion magazine open to a model to represent the pose, and finally to a blank sheet of paper. In comes my hand with a drawing implement. I've tried brush pen, brush in india ink, and graphite stick. The India ink brush seems to work the best, but the brush pen provides suprising sound. Since the camera is between my eyes and hand I look at the drawing on the video screen, not on the paper. Now that I'm getting the hang of it, I'll turn the camera the right way and try some more. I've imported one of the videos into imovie and will see what happens as I learn to manipulate the clips in the video editing program. I'm striving for hand-made direct story telling to create the feeling of gesture drawing itself -- direct capturing of a moment in time. I've seen a lot of interesting handmade looking video on youtube.com now so I have a feeling for some elements that work or don't work for my goal.

When I started my goal was to produce a training video but now my goal has morphed into a kind of self portrait. Most of the youtube.com and other home video banks are self portraits or small group portraits. The 1955 Le mystere Picasso film of Picasso doing a drawing behind a screen is a perfect portrait of Picasso. The film portrays Picasso's linear mark-making and non-linear thinking in the act of drawing. So, youtube.com and Le Mystere Picasso are my influences and inspirations. Holding the camera myself is a perfect mirror for the gestural directness. I'm looking forward to exploring variations on this --self portrait as gesture-drawer-- theme as it evolves.

Life drawing video search results:

Skeleton structure that turns into a fashion sketch

Bevis and Butthead in Figure Drawing class

Drawing the figure - 10 minute reinactment and paraody of life drawing class

Fast frame portrait head with angry expression

Drawing with sand - performance artist

Stop action build up of charcoal drawing
Solitude 1
Solitude 2

Stop action drawing of basketball player

Easy to draw dictators
Educational "PBS-style" format teaches kids and adults to draw DICTATORS from history: Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Reagan. In the humor/art/music categories

comic artist at work

German instruction and real time drawing on how to draw a hand

Man telling the story of a fantasy movie while girl draws

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