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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Dissertation CDs
pinhole camera
collage CD label for dissertation

They say you should wait one year before you look at your dissertation again. I spent the first year scrambling for a job in a panic so I don't think I was ready to look at it any time soon, although I did research adapting it for publication. I started teaching online where the publishing drive is not critical. Finally after 3 years I looked - then wrote a better ending, learned how to make a CD label, and just finished burning a short stack of CD copies. I plan to distribute the CDs to key contributors, two Spanish academics involved in mail art, ArtPool in Budapest, Ken Friedman in Norway and some of the folks who come to the DaDa Mail Art gathering in NY next week. I'll send one to the Museum of Modern Art library to join the Ray Johnson letters. I will also have copies available to scholars who are researching mail art. The first few chapters are available online at http://www.mailartist.com/honoria

The background of the CD label is a collage project I made for Guy Bleus. The mail art font is from Keith Bates. You can download the font free from http://www.keithbates.co.uk/font_1.html

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I'm really interested in that cd! Is it possible to have a copy?

Yes, you may have a copy if you will kindly also review it by answering the following questions.

1 - Describe the manuscript in one sentence or one paragraph as if to a friend who hasn't read it.
2 - What did you learn from the manuscript?
3 - What is missing that you think is important?
4 - If the manuscript was to be published as a book instead of a dissertation, what parts should be kept and what parts left out?
5 - What should happen to the manuscript next?

If you are willing to answer these five questions send me your snail mail address to honoria //| at |// cyberopera.org and I'll send you the CD.

thanks, honoria

I'll answer those questions!
I just sent you an email.

Thank you

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