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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Katz's deli mail art performance
pinhole camera
mail art Dada gathering in NYC July 2006

Mail artists from
US and Europa live
Dada in New York

From Left to right:
Marilyn Rosenberg, Jo.Anne Hill (UK), John Held Jr., Anna Boschi (Italy) Tamara Wyndham (hand mask), Mark Block (pink shirt), Geert De Decker (tallest, Belgium, Riima, Neosho, Ken Miller, Buz Blur, Thomas Kerr, Jas Felter (Canada), Sticker Dude (blue shirt), Honoria, Crackerjack Kid.

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Thank you very much for your dissertation!
I received it today. I'll let you know... :)

I hope the dissertation is useful for your own research.
I look forward to the answers to my questions.

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