honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

NYC Dada/Mail Art party pix by La

La from Montreal sent a link to a page of NYC Mail Art / Dada photos http://www.pbase.com/latoanvinh/mailartist

It is hard to describe the pleasure of meeting people you've collaborated with for years. For example, I finally met Crackerjack Kid after decades. We worked together very hard to save the Electronic Museum of Mail Art -- EMMA http://www.actlab.utexas.edu/emma when it was forced to move from Dartmouth servers to the University of Texas servers at the Advanced Communications Technology Laboratory (ACTlab) in 1996-97. Presenting Anna Boschi with my dissertation for her Mail Art Museum in Italy was also a fulfilling moment. Meeting Bill Wilson was profoundly delightful since he has supported my research all along. Staying with the Sticker Dude and Diane was Fabulous fun. The Sticker Dude had laid a great plan of action for the party and museum trip. When I got there we worked side by side to realize the gatherings and dinners. Traversing NYC with Geert made NYC sites, buses, and thunderstsorms even better. I am happy that my dissertation is joining the other work in Geert's important archive. In summary, presenting the results of my research to the people who made it possible is both personally moving and academically satisfying. Having so many parts of the network gather to talk, exchange, visit exhibtions, perform, wander, and relax with invigorates the mail art experience and builds another layer of shared memories. Wow! More art and documentation to come...

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