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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Today in Paris
pinhole camera
drawing of sculpture foutain at Centre Pompidou
today I sketched the Centre Pompidou fountain and a girl came up to me an told me the drawing was great. I like making art from other artists' work, especially on holiday when I am in total sponge mode soaking up as many new ideas as possible.

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free agent .rez seeking Honoria

dear miss Honoria; i apologize for the sideways intrusion into your Livejournal, but this seems the most certain way to contact you. i find that after many years away, i am moving back to Austin. i am not sure that you are still there [it is a bit hard to tell] but, if you are, i would much love for you to get in touch! so if you receive this comment for preview, you don't have to approve and post it, so long as you contact me instead! :) - heath.rezabek@gmail.com

- heath / free agent .rez

It's where I'll be in a month! :)

being an artist visiting in Paris is so fun...

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