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October 15th next show

My next show will be an outdoor SoFi street fest on October 15.
Y'all come now.

I bought larger mats to fit my expanding drawing size. I plan to show my travel drawings with their accompanying on-the-spot photos. It will mean tearing apart my moleskine watercolor book from Berlin. The book is so concise and fun to show with the pocket in the back that holds the photos of the paintings in their original environments on the streets of Paris and Berlin, the backyard of Lieser, and the mountains of Switzerland.

watercolor and photograph of same image - closeup of crank for an umbrella with a volkswagon parked behind it on cobblestones

This painting is an umbrella crank at an outdoor cafe with a volkswagon parked nearby on the cobblestones.

Maybe I should just hold out for a big spender for the whole book/photo unit? Ha right, I'll tear it apart and hit the streets with it. I should offer my high-end services to document travelers in watercolor like I did my own travels. Then I could just travel in luxury around the world painting watercolor moleskine books for the yachting and jetting set. That would definitely pay for my Sennelier habit:-)

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