honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

dead deer

dead dear on dry rocky hillside with scrub growth around the bony carcass

I bought the land with my old commune mates from Toronto - long story. The land 20 miles or so west of Austin. I never bought land or any property in my long life but now I own - or almost own - a piece of Texas. The contract is signed - now on to the title company. I went out with my long term dear friends and saw the various connected but separately surveyed and parcelled parcels to choose from and called the current owner and made an offer and he accepted! The second time I went to the land, a week later, there was an almost picked clean deer carcass by my homesite with two buzzards roosting high in a nearby tree. I swear, the scene looked like a New Yorker cartoon of the old west if it wasn't for the damien hurst mother nature reality of the piece. Many people might find this a haunting or ominous sign but my fam whooped it up and said what a great way to start a homestead.

Now I'm in San Antonio on curriculum development business sitting within the perimeter of Holiday Inn Wireless by the swimming pool reflecting on waxing moons and buzzards and Marfa.

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