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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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stairway to spurs
pinhole camera
watercolor of stairway to riverwalk in san antonio
The San Antonio Spurs live here at least part of the time.
In the blue collared class I made my spurs fandom public and I wear my little Spurs pin from my first night on the river walk.
Now people have been asking ME if it is true that Tony Parker and Eva Longoria have split up.
Who ever really splits up?
Especially if you are French!
Love is forever even if you wander in different directions into eternity as has been known to happen to my significant others.
And how would I become the repository of such private Spurs information unless I was personally involved?
So I tell people he left her for me, naturally.

The spurs store is right next to this stairway and above the umbrellas.