honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Life of Pi

a novel by Yann Martel

I bought the book at the airport. It has a great cover of a brown boy curled in the back of a lifeboat and the big tiger lounging at the bow taking up over 1/2 the boat. Around the boat swim silhouettes of sharks, sea turtles, flying fish and smaller fish. The design of the orange tiger on the white boat surrounded by the blue sea is an eye catcher, and I think my color theory students could analyze why. Once inside the book the story of human and carnivore shipwreck survivors is intense. If you have ever lived with any size cat, your reading of this book will be enhanced. The story has roots in Hemingway, Moby Dick, and all great sea stories as well as ties to mythological oceanic wanderers. Wow! Great story powerfully written.

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