honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Present Grounded and Focused

Staying Present, Grounded, and Focused on What's Important between Now
and the End of the Year.

Present – Time Management

I strive to manage my time more productively. I have found a great
location for my main job activities in a new coffee house. It is just
uncomfortable enough to keep me focused – almost like an office. On
the other hand it also has a comfortable component with good food and
Café Cubano. It is a good tool for time management. Whenever I go
there I get a lot of work done.

Grounded – Art is my heart

I have been making a lot of new art lately. Sometimes I think I
should be applying for better paying jobs, but the jobs I have now
allow me to get a rather amazing amount of art made in between
job-work sessions. The flexibility is a great treasure.

Focused – Split but not too split

My focus has to be split at all times but I strive not to split the
focus into too many directions. My main foci are making art and
making a living. I enjoy curriculum development and just yes, made
another business card about it.

Between now and the new year I want to limit my social activities to
no more than I have scheduled now because I have deadlines in my jobs
to reach. I already have plenty scheduled. I also want to complete the
job application to UT for an artist-teacher-researcher.

I want to practice my Tai Chi every day and play with the creative
elements of the form in terms of focus and art.

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