honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

haiku walks

A recent article in a local paper inspired me to do haiku walks to go with the haiku paintings. Combining Tai Chi, walking, haiku, and watercolor seems the right path to walk down these days. I did leave my camera at a party and will pick it up today to get photos of paintings. Confirmed the sale of 2 more paintings and another 2 friends want to buy one each. T'is the season to own poppies. The show will hang until Christmas and the sold ones will go to new homes. I want to hang a new set of paintings in the same space for winter. The new ones are darker and moodier -- maybe ancient mariner poppies.

Just finished a huge work project and mailing off the results burned on CDs today. Hurray. I hope the next assignment will kick in soon. Meanwhile my online class ends tomorrow until the next on Jan 8th. I wish the bills would take a holiday too.

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