honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Know your family

How to psychoanalyze your family through gift lists:

Below is everyone's list except Lucas.

1) Gift card to Home Depot
2) Gift card to Lowe's

1) a (cheap) snowboard bag (it doesn't need to be padded)
2) battery powered heated socks?
3) any cool t-shirt (medium)

Restaurant gift cards

1) Help with terra forming the rock stairway connecting the corner of Jebbies' lot to Marfa East
2) Dior face wash gel or foam available at Nordstrom's or Dillard's
3) "Smart wool" brand high black socks available at Whole Earth, REI and Karavel Shoes (the Ecco store)
4) Art or crafts by any of the fam artists (will trade too)

Debbie's Wish List:
* yard art or indoor art made by family members
* native spineless cactus for outdoor planting [http://uvalde.tamu.edu/herbarium/opst.htm]
* pond plant or pond fish
* music [burns are okay]
* an adventure to a restaurant or store or event in Austin that I've never been to before
* ski cap with a pony-tail hole in the back

Jeff's Wish List:
* something cool from Harbor Freight (make sure a gift receipt is included)
* 2ft fiberglass step ladder
* country western belt (no big buckles), size 34
* a really cool ski tuque (questions ask deb or loren)
* Tx 2-step lessons at the Broken Spoke (for 2 ppl)

Loren's Wish List:
* something to hold large sheets of paper (drawings), like a wire or wooden rack (prob just a small one that can hold rolled sheets of paper, even like a small wooden wine rack would work) -- for questions contact Deb
* a shoe shelf for the btm of my closet (2ft x 3ft, 3 or 4 shelves)
* gift cert for any shop like hem (12th and lamar), nordstrom, aveda, a place for pedicures (barton spa - $20)
* cute scarf or hat -- nothing too flashy, or if your up to it a sweater or cheap, old winter boots (might want to include a gift receipt for these just in case) or necklace (nothing fancy though, more crafty)
* and of course i would love some family art for my house

1. Bath & Body Works brand hand-soap, body splash, shower gel and body lotion in the Moonlight Path fragrance.
2. Jewelry of any kind including earrings, bracelets, pearl necklaces.
3. Sweater or blouse, medium size, any color (no turtle-neck).
4. No gift cards.
5. No pets.

1. Help with web site development for the Ragnarokr history.
2. A land surveying tool (not a level) capable of measuring horizontal and vertical angles (can be home-made).
3. Something good to eat (can be home-made).
4. A few Molson Export Ales or Labatt's Blue (Plesener) beers.
5. No clothes.
6. No gift cards.
7. A used but serviceable car radio that will fit in the 1990 Nissan 240 SX including help with installation.
8. A used scanner that will work with Windows XP.
9. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra-version of Gotterdammerung by Richard Wagner, directed by Sir George Solti in 1965, Decca Records CD-set from 1984, available on eBay (I already have Das Rheingold, Die Walkire and Siegfried.)

* Biography on Truman Capote
* Sweater that I can wear to work (in any color but white or yellow)
* Target gift card
* Red wine

* Lowe’s gift card
* iTunes gift card
* Lowe’s gift card (he really likes these)

* Thomas trains-
o Percy
o Annie & Clarabel
o Duck
o Boco
o Harvey
o The true challenge: find Sir Topham Hat
* Any type of big scooping/digging truck
* Books
* Puzzles (he actually is into jigsaw puzzles with like 25 or so pieces. Guess he takes after me with the puzzle fascination!)
* Kids’ garden tools
* Any kind of bubble maker

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