honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Career Group/Laugh Nonstop

We meet to support each other's professional development. We brainstorm paths to success. We do this and laugh until it hurts. We also talk about elderly mothers, death, and other serious topics and we still laugh.

2.5 hours of non-stop personal humor and lightness of thinking.

I impersonated Martha Grimes' talk from the booksigning. I remembered perfectly many elements of her talk and just retalked them. The publicist son, the self-congratulating hair salon, the lady on the airplane with one of her books, the unknown path when writing a new book, just a pub, no outline. The group members who read Martha were amazed that I actually talked to her and the group members who didn't know Grimes' work jotted down the name to go out and buy the books. Grimes is the kind of author you hate to read to the end of the books she's written because they would be such fun to discover. However, turning other people on to her work is also fun and seeing her was just as amusing as one would think it would be.

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