honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Mister Sketchy Austin

I went to the Doctore Sketchy Anti-art school cabaret Austin
http://austinsketchy.com/ tonight at Beerland where artists draw strippers and drink beer.

It was GREAT. I drank wine and was the camp fire of the artists. . . the artists gathered around my drawings and told stories. I loved it!!!!! the best was that they have competitions in the middle of the session. One compettion which i didn't enter was the worst drawing. Then they played twin peaks music. The next contest was the David Lynchiest drawing. I cheated. I had a very Lynchy drawing but I noted that the master of ceremonies/judge was reading text on the drawings of others so I quickly wrote "The owls are not what they seem" on my drawing which was a VERY Lynchy one to begin with. And I won the prize. The prize was a basket of sex toys and oils from Forbidden Fruit. Then Knut called as my art was drying on the pool table of the beer joint of the life drawers and invited me to chez nous for fab French dinner. He also invited Michael. So there I was sitting between 2 cute germans with some of my sexy camp fire drawings by my side being another star of the show. I really had a good day. Oh, and on the TV at the bar was Johnny in Sleepy Hollow! Yes, she said...

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