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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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SXSW Panels - Influence of Art on Design
pinhole camera
sketch book page of notes with watercolor highlights

Thanks to an assignment from a client I am attending SXSW Interactive.
This design panel was interesting for my color theory class because every successful web designer on the panel discussed his or her influences from fine art. The class assignment next week is to write a research paper on an example of fine art.

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Thanks for the feedback

Hey Honoria!

Glad you could make it to Texas and attend our panel. We spent weeks preparing for it and hopefully what information we were able to share, in the 5 minutes of alloted time per panelist, was beneficial to you in some way.

I shared your thoughts and illustration (wow, do you think I could get a higher res. copy of it?) with the rest of the panel and we appreciate it.

Take care and good luck with your research paper.


I'm assigning the research paper not writing one, although I'm always researching and writing about it...I can send a high res picture - let me know where.

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