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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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mystery art envelopes going fast
pinhole camera
Yesterday i bought
portfolios for hiding
lots of piles of art

My studio is going to get purged this weekend.
If you want a 9x12 inch envelope of 5 mystery artworks - various sizes - nudes - flowers - landscapes - abstracts - by my humble self send $5 to cover postage. Everything must go!

These are fine art drawings and watercolors - not mail art!
Of course, I do not sell mail art or ask for postage for mail art.

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5$ via paypal or mail? let me know yr email or address

1200 Payne Avenue, Austin, TX 78757 USA

I just got a new paypal acct

paypal will be easier, i will pay you through there

first mystery envelope on the way

Got notice of your pay pal credit and packed the first mystery envelope for you. I hope you like them. Thanks for helping me to organize my studio.

Re: first mystery envelope on the way

no, thank you!

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