honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

tossing out or new view of Walt Whitman and Gertrude Stein

I was organize sing
It is spring.

Some biological or cultural urge said your studio space is a mess with too much stuff to make more art in. I offered envelopes of 5 artworks for $5 to pay for postage. I was truly gathering things to toss out.
Suddenly, I don't know why it was obvious to use the trash to illustrate leaves of grass I may also illustrate composition as explanation
and if I do all of that I'll have a show called leaves of grass alas
I bought a 2.50 copy of leaves of grass to deliberately tear up
I have an old copy I inherited but this is a collage material paperback

so i've been cutting/tearing up old nudes and landscapes and they just flow with the Walt-words the modge podge, yes paste and the poet cadenced stapler
the gouache and the glitter glue
I churn so many resources when I toss the stuff
all it does is consolidate a few papers into ones - compositions oh well what fun.

and now I want to drink a glass of wine, but there is none

and I haven't even told you about the Daumier sketchbook i found today, not too far from leaves of grass.

So the $5 mystery envelopes of art, previously (this morning) second-class citizens of output will go through the leaves of grass test first.
and after alas maybe I will have more to discard, envelope, or collage on top of yet again.

Who can be collaged on top of Whitman and Stein?

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