honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Austin Kung Fu Academy birthday

Today Santanu and Nisha held the first birthday party for Austin Kung Fu Academy and we had a party. A room full of kids, parents, and the adult learners. The demonstrations were fun: a mini-version of Uma in Kill Bill will some day be able to handle the 88 and more, a boy with brute force fists, attitude and rhythm. Bebe and I did the Tai Chi demo of the first section of the Yang 37 - we didn't know we were going to be called upon but we did well. Then the adult Kung Fu students showed fists, fan, and sword work. Finally Santanu gave a performance of both Kung Fu and Tai Chi to the beat of two of his students hitting leather pads. He is amazing! Nisha's mom made real Indian food which was fabulous. Happy Birthday Austin Kung Fu Academy!

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