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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Walting through Spring
pinhole camera
I'm immersing myself in cutting up the leaves.
The energy in each single line is such a jolt.
The power of the Walt words so changes each composition.
Adding just a tiny part of the poem to a drawing has a completing dramatizing connecting affect.
I'm facilitating this alliance, watching and learning - tai chi art.

If you see a big print version of Leaves of Grass. I'm looking for one.

I might try scissoring and pasting a woman poet next, any suggestions? Gertrude Stein? I'll go to half-priced books and see if any jump out at me but for now I'm very happy with Walt Whitmaning the drawings.

It's hard to get a photo with the words in focus.
I may have to get a scanner.

This weekend is the next Dr. Sketchy with 4 model dancers.