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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Sarah and Brian program drawings
pinhole camera







Possible program cover drawings...hope you like them.
May have time to do some more today at the botanical garden...
love and marriage and creativity!

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last one's my favourite.

I love the diffusion of wet ink on watercolor paper.
They need a drawing that will be easily reproducible for the church program. I hope one of them works.

I like 3 and 6 the best. Always nice as usual.

Thank you. I hope the are imbued with romance for the wedding.

I'd choose 3 for a wedding.

Love them!

Love them all! How do I choose???


Thank you!


I will have to go to Kinkos and find a scanner to create high-res copies. Ask Brian how best to transfer the high-res (big files) versions to you guys.

Two and Three

I like two and three for a wedding program. I like six in general.

Miss Turry

Thanks...I love getting feedback to my professional designs.
Your choices might help the bride herself decide!

Yes, I also like image #6. I don't recall seeing much monochromatic work from you. Do you do it often?

I'm an India Inkaholic in fact...but then I also add color to images that need the pizzazz of color.

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