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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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grades turned in
pinhole camera
Spring I grades are in and Spring II starts today.
I have decided to apply to the full-time faculty position in the Graphic Design department.

Student comments were great. Here's an example:
I feel all the knowledge I had prior to this class was a whole bunch of hooey compared to what I know now. I was under the impression that I already knew enough from past experiences that this class would be considered a waste, and I was wrong. Through this class I learned so much, including all the different elements and principals (such as the primary/complementary colors to the color harmonies, of which I was completely blind to prior to this class). On another hand, I also learned a lot from my classmates, as we turned in drafts they helped and pushed me to drive closer to my potential, something I was lacking it seems in past compositions. I had an awesome time in this class, and hope to have more in the future like it.

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(Deleted comment)
They have many many applicants from the pool of ajuncts. I enjoyed writing a letter to persuade them that I would be the one to choose. I have a higher level of education than many and I know that is one of the criteria. I probably have a chance. I've been a successful teacher.

However, I do like having two different part-time jobs these days. It keeps both sides of my brain greassed. AIO teaching would still be a virtual job continuing coffee housing. The job would not include research but I am thinking of writing an article on online teaching and best practices for building a community of learners with collective problem-solving skills. I offered my instructional design experience to chew on. The curriculum desperately needs to be revised and I reckon I have some insights into that process:-) /thanks

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