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Alternate assignment

Online art school platform is down.
Had to come up with alternative offline assignment for an online course.
Emailed students.
Pozole at noon, El Sol y La Luna


Right now I am going to assign an alternate assignment for the week one critiques due on day 5. By doing the alternate assignment you can have the written portion of the week done by the end of the week without being dependent on the posting of the design examples. Then I will push back the design projects due days depending on when the servers are up and running again. In summary we are flipping the writing assignment to the front of the week and the design assignments to the back of the week.

Critique assignment replacement:

Write a 3 paragraph report on each of the three terms 1. hue, 2. value and 3. saturation.
What is due:
A total of 3 reports, each with 3 paragraphs.

Note: this is actually less writing than the 4 critiques originally assigned.

How to write the reports:

1. First Paragraph
First paragraph should open with a fun, exciting, or mysterious sentence about the concept. For example, using the concept of "Hue" meaning "color." First write a wild exciting first sentence about color. Pretend you are starting a novel. You want people to get hooked into the idea that color is exciting.

First sentence ideas:
- My passion for purple started out with a fondness for iris but turned me into a raving art student digitizing myself through the Internet on a mission to find an art career.
- Pink is innocent enough for babies, but it's just a tint of diablo red.
- A foot slams on the brakes. Was it the octagon shape or the stong red hue surrounding the black letters S.T.O.P?

2. Second Paragraph
After the exciting, mysterious, or fun introduction, build the excitement by telling us how one of the great designers in your field used hues. Find the most exciting interior design, game level, graphic design, animation (by doing an image search.) You might start doing this research first because an exciting design can inspire the exciting first sentence.
Include a URL of the example you are using.

How to do an image search.
- Go to Google.com
- Click the "images" button above the textbox.
- Type in "interior design and color" or the name of your favorite designer or artist and color.
If you want to design games, find a game environment with emphasis on hue.

3. Conculding Paragraph
How are you going to use HUE in your design career work? Put yourself in your dream job, see yourself using the color theory concept in the most fabulous or dramatic way and tell us how you do it.

Write these little personal essays on hue, value, and saturation offline. When the classroom comes back please copy and post them into the assignment 5 thread which is the critique assignment.

Have fun, look around in real life, on the web, and into your imagination to find your future in hue, value, and saturation.

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