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I've been reorganizing my artwanted gallery to focus on prints and not on originals. It's a low-end environment so drop by and consider a card or mug with an honoria on it.

The mystery art envelopes are all gone and I'm going to do the next batch for more money, maybe next year's spring cleaning. People were very happy with them and said they were worth much more. I still want them to be a bargain. 5 pieces of original unseen mystery art. How much do you think? You can see the kinds of things that will be in them at http://www.artwanted.com/honoria

OK now off to the coffee house and my new TEEX project.

Diffusing Poppies
India ink diffusion using gum arabic in the water. Changes the surface tension, looks like an aura. Another product of Arthur Dove Day 2007.
Tags: india ink, poppies, urban sketchers, wet-on-wet

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