honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

sunset and leaves of grass

Take watercolors
out to the bench at sunset
let them flow on grass

I am going to be doing leaves of grasses for some time...I bought a Leaves of Grass hardcover book with better paper and larger type to cut up. The power of the Whitman text is profoundly transformative to a composition. I like to watch what happens. I am posting the leaves as illustrations on http://www.artwanted.com/honoria with the option to buy prints, but not the originals. I'm reorganizing the portfolio from content focus, such as nudes, to season focused with 2 or 3 portfolios a year. My new portfolio for recent work is Summer 2007 with everything recent in it. Next I'll write to my friends to check out the new work by directing them to that portfolio. If someone wants to buy or show the work then they can contact me directly.

Dr. Sketchy is going to have an art show in NYC in the fall. I have to choose what paintings to submit. For sure, one of the chosen will be my David Lynchiest.
Tags: collage, leaves of grass, watercolor

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