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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Personal History
pinhole camera

personal history in Italiano

Looks like the Italian reporter researcher put together our picture with some research from the San Fran Chronicle about Morninglory Farm where I think Frank Tettemer and Maria lived.


There is probably mention of Morninglory Farm in Phil's thorough research of the Ragnarokr Community so this researcher probably did an image search for the farm or ontario hippies and came up with this fabulous photo.

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I found the site because I have a technorati search (RSS feed actually) for my flickr id # to see who uses photos I upload. I had scanned this photo (that John Philips took) in 2004, and uploaded it for a blog post of my own. I've since changed the photo to one that John Philips sent me, with his watermark overlaid.

What tags or text context do you have in the flickr photo that might have lead the researcher to this picture and connect it to morninglory farm?

I don't really know, but I noticed recent site traffic to this post from 12/04
Vietnam war resisters in Canada », which is unusual since it is a fairly obscure topic, unless one was mentioned. Perhaps this is the missing link?

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