honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

De Kooning's Biclycle Seat

Working on a new mail art series called Bill De Kooning's Bicycle Seat based on the old Ray Johnson add and send...Mine's rather high art joke because I'm using some very heavy rag paper I found in the art department trash years ago and gesso (so painterly) ink and watercolor. I was so intimidated by the sheer quality of this paper that I've been saving it for the right moment. It's so heavy it will take a whole lot of postage to get it off the ground. I found out there is a book called De Kooning's Bicycle: Artists and Writers in the Hamptons. I don't see one image of the Ray project online. I would think Art Pool would have some. Anyway the pieces in my series are going to be tortured layered and complex (for a postcard) with incised bunny heads in the gesso.

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