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It's Emil Nolde Day
pinhole camera
Emil Nolde was a German expressionist painter. After WWI his work was acquired by museums but during the rise of the Nazis his work was considered degenerate and was confiscated. Nolde moved out in the country in far north Germany and was forbidden to paint. His Berlin studio and his collection of other artists' work was destroyed in an air raid. Knowing that the fumes of oil paint could get him arrested, Nolde secretly painted watercolors during the Nazi regime. He called the secret watercolors unpainted pictures. He also kept a diary with some observations about color.

I, a painter, caress and make love to the magic of colors, with my hands, with my eyes and with my heart.
January 2 1943

Highest intensity can be rendered with the most delicate colors, as well as with strong, glowing ones, or with any of the possibilities that lie between.
January 1, 1944

The stars know that I my suffering, the many small, dear stars, they are radiant symbols of happiness, glowing green, yellow, red. In reality they are mighty celestial bodies and our great earth a tiny speck in the universe. My troubles are nothing.
July 21, 1944

This information is from an old out-of-print 35-page book I just purchased online.
Unpainted Pictures: Emil Nolde 1867-1956. 1966., NY: M. Knoedler & Co. Inc.

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