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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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writing vs painting
pinhole camera
These musings on the process of writing about mail art are the result of years of thinking hard about mail art, mail artists, technology, and network dynamics. Writing about anything and doing it are two different things, of course. My writing is distilled text that flows from extended participant observation of the mysteries of the distributed community in which I create my art. It's the nature of research to try to understand the dynamics of a system and I intend to do my best to figure out the effects of the Internet on the mail art network and consider the implications of those effects for a community I love.

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on a silly side note, have you seen the 1000journals site?
and have you at any time been part of all the fb/deco world
of mail art? i'm just curious....

I saw the 1000 journals site and it just didn't seem like much fun to me. It seems too databasy and organized. I get a number of add-on artists books in the mail and they are always a surprise when they arrive and a challenge to add my part -- I enjoy stand-alone pieces of mail art even more. Is the 1000 journals project becoming its own community, with codes of conduct and norms developing? Also, what is fb/deco world of mail art?

i actually don't know very much about 1000 journals. and i agree with what
you said about it and i think that because it is organized in such a way
it is much more stifled than a more random communication that happens
through mail alone. the deco/fb world is not quite mail art but close...
it's bascially a bunch of books that people all over the world pass on and
generally find different people or communites through those books. each
person makes a page of anything they want and in the end they are sent
back to the person who started them. just recently there have been
communities set up online to meet other people, but this is a rather recent
event and they are mostly still passed on through mail alone. my friend
riikka has a website up http://pingstate.nu/riikka/ and you can see some
of her pages under "pictures" and then "collage"....it's not quite mail art
(although some would argue otherwise) and it definately has it's own
set of politics. i am always suprised how many people are involved and
wonder how they all discovered it.

Thanks! I couldn't get Riika's collages to load unfortunately. Maybe I will try on my computer at work which has a much faster connection than my home dial up. I liked her collagey website design very much though. She obviously sees the world in a collaged and juxtaposed way. I still didn't know what fb was for so I searched and found some definitions:
FBs: Friendship Books a little booklet sometimes decorated where you can sign it and find new pen pals.
Decos: Deco fb it is a bigger booklet but more decorated you can also find pen pals in there.
Slams: A booklet where you just answer questions and it can tell a little more about you for pen pals.

here's a group that sometimes has discussions...
i haven't really looked for awhile at what has been
going on there and anyone can join so you could
check that out if you want...

I do not have some great insight to share on your process, but share the minor thought that it is fun watching your process unfold.

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