honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

deviantart meetup at Mozart's

The deviantart meetup was such fun. Met jake, st. joan, stephanie, kellie and lots more from all over texas, LA and a couple or artists from NY. I guess there were about 30 or so folks there. Maida and Seven came too. I brought lots of art supplies and good paper and we did literature-art layers. Some people made paintings and some writers wrote on them. It seems St. Joan has started this trend on Deviantart, however I didn't find it as a community or forum thread when I went looking. If you find the lit-art or literature art concentration on deviantart, please let me know. Knut took mighty fine high-rez photos and I have the lit-art collaborations to scan and send to St. Joan. She is quite an organizer and was fun to watch her in action managing the arty masses. Storm clouds rumbled overhead and we left when it finally started raining. I think the meeter uppers moved to the cover of Mozart's. Drawings/writings layers and photos coming soon.

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