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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Art Sentence du jour
pinhole camera
As the director, Storr curated both venues, laying a cool hand on the brow of today's money-fevered, intellectually dishevelled global art world.
Peter Schjeldahl, The Art World, Big Ideas, the Venice Biennale, The New Yorket, June 25, 2007, page 100

Schjeldahl's sentence is so fine, fun and New Yorkery it made me laugh harder than I laughed at the comics. 

I miss the intellectually dishevelled global art world what with our physically dishevelled Dr. Sketchy and oh those ladies of the burlesques in my line of vision.  I am so far off the intellectually-dishevelled art world's poor mixed up radar that I enjoy a good critically observed view of the Biennale.  I would so love to attend a Biennale, especially with Sandy.  And see my mail art friends in their around the Biennale performances.

Fortunately, my local art world is beating a path to my door these days which is fun.
When is my money fever going to rise?